Who am I?
Fun facts about me

I'm a metal sculptor, jeweler, and art enthusiast from Akron, OH.


Much of my inspiration comes from the beauty in nature and the rust-belt city I'm from. I learned to weld when I was nine years old, and grew up experimenting in my fathers' steel fabricating shop. Instantly, I was drawn to the strength and permanence of steel as an art form capable of outliving me. Though I work with various metals, my favorite is stainless steel, for it's brilliant shine and resilience. My creative process explores techniques meant to transform unloved waste and dull discarded scraps into useful and unique artifacts. My techniques utilize both pneumatic and electric rotary tools, plasma torches and welders. Texture, light play and symbolism are prominent elements found in my work. Exploring interpretive realism by "painting" each piece with light, through the application of texture, I achieve a holographic effect, creating three dimensions on a two dimensional form.

I find deep meaning in utilizing the resources around me, and feel it takes a stance against today's buy new throw-away culture. As an artist, I try to capture, interpret and re-present beauty as I see it. My work focuses largely on light, articulated through steel, in trees and environmental subjects that represent the strength, grace and beauty found in nature. Working primarily in an interpretive style, with elements simplified, but rarely to the point of absolute realism, my goal is to evoke my subject's essence, to serve a reminder of the powerful, magnificent force that is nature. I have a deep appreciation of sculptural form with a purpose, adding a function to art elevates it to a higher level. I believe art is even more powerful when it has the ability to create a shared experience, and offer a point of connection with its audience.

The work I create is from the heart, and I hope that, whether my materials are raw or salvaged, the art I bring to life might aid in the appreciation and preservation of the natural world, and transform viewers into participants. My artistic path has opened many opportunities to showcase my work and find meaningful ways to contribute to the community.


In my recent adventures, I'm grateful to have been chosen as the first artist to showcase in the Akron Mayor's Office. I've hung shows in the Summit County Executive Office of the late Russ Pry, the Margret Clark Morgan Foundation, The Mustard Seed Cafe in Montrose and Highland Square, and was twice a runner up of the Akron Art Prize and  High Arts Festival. I was a co-founder and Creative Director of the Big Love Festival for it's first three years, as well as the co-founder and lead builder of the Akron chapter of the League of Creative Interventionists for over three years. Presently I'm the Artist in Residence at the Innerbelt National Forest. I'm currently one of four metal sculptors in the FUZED exhibit on the grounds of Akron's Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens. 


I am always enthusiastic to create custom sculpture and jewelry, so please feel free to reach out, lets make something beautiful together.


 Follow my work on Instagram @MeganLouiseShane and check in on my local events on

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